Scrapbooks and the Truth

Do photos ever tell the truth?

Or is it that they don’t tell the whole story?

We know that photos can be used to deceive, especially in our digital age.

Two people can tell a different story about the same picture. Which story is true? Could they both be true?

Recently, I’ve come across some pictures from my grandmother’s birth family. I know so little about this picture. I believe this is my Aunt Mary in a highchair. This was taken up north in Presque Isle County, Michigan. I think. I don’t know the name of the dog. But I’m guessing the dog is waiting for food to drop. But what are the emotions? Did they think it was funny that the dog was waiting for the inevitable manna from heaven. Were they at a picnic. A picture is so much more than just a snapshot in time.

If you know about a picture, but you don’t write the story no one will know your version.

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