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Covid Purchases

Four Covid purchases are coming to my house in the next three weeks. I hope. Two overpriced tests kits. They should cost less. And two different types of high quality masks. Over the last two years, I’ve purchased 100s of disposable masks, 50 or so cloth masks, plus the ones I made myself. I also […]

The Monster Wakes Up.

Five years ago, my husband received a diagnosis of a bone marrow cancer called myelofibrosis. His hematologist/oncologist told us the only cure was a bone marrow transplant from a donor. She started him on infusion chemo the very next week and set my husband up for an evaluation at the University of Michigan Bone Marrow […]

Sometimes You Need to Catch Your Breath

My husband suffered from a non-pressure ulcer near his ankle from 2005 to 2007. If you have ever dealt with a leg or foot ulcer, that is, an open sore that stubbornly refuses to heal, you know the frustration. He was in pain for two years. He went to the Wound Care Clinic every week. […]