Covid Purchases

Four Covid purchases are coming to my house in the next three weeks. I hope.

Two overpriced tests kits. They should cost less. And two different types of high quality masks.

Over the last two years, I’ve purchased 100s of disposable masks, 50 or so cloth masks, plus the ones I made myself. I also purchased a sewing machine to make masks. I don’t like this sewing machine as well as the one I gave away two years prior.

Other purchases I would not have made except for Covid:

Pulse Oximeter

Air purifier

Cookie Monster mug

Digital thermometer

The book, “Uncontrolled Spread” by Scott Gottlieb

Chocolate – any reason will do, though

A magnifying stand to hold my phone so that we could watch our church service online more easily.

A few months later I bought a used laptop so that it would be easier to watch our church service on line and participate in our Zoom Sunday School class. I also used this laptop to “attend” a writer’s conference online.

An Amazon firestick so that we could watch our church service on our TV.

Our living room TV conked out at the end of April 2020, so we bought a larger TV from Best Buy. It was purchased through their website sight unseen. When we went to pick it up, one of the customer service guys remarked to me appreciatively, “Wow, you really got a big one.” He wasn’t kidding. If we had been able to see it before buying, it would have been 10 inches smaller. If not for Covid, we would have never have purchased a big screen TV. I have to say, though, we have enjoyed having it. Especially since one of the things we have not purchased since the beginning of the pandemic is a movie theater ticket.

A new Toyota RAV4. From December 2019 when the first reports of the virus began to surface, I followed the news about the virus with growing concern. In February 2020, I read articles regarding the slowdown of chip production in Japan and Taiwan, and the reporter noted that car parts might be hard to come by due to the future chip shortage. So since it was time to replace our 2007 Toyota Matrix, we started car shopping. We bought the car at the end of February 2020, two weeks before the shut down because I didn’t want to worry about car repairs and I hoped that it won’t have any need for repairs anytime soon.

Clothes. My favorite women’s clothing store closed all their brick and mortar stores during the shutdown. So I grudgingly began to buy my clothing online. Kohl’s and JC Penney and other retail stores have plus size clothes, but it is an afterthought. Catherine’s sold clothes that were made for larger women.

What have you purchased due to Covid?